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Refund Policy

Sneaker Plug maintains an honest and secure service worldwide. We offer
a full refund in the event that we are unsuccessful guaranteeing your selected pair
on our part. However, there are reasons that could have you denied a refund
or issued a partial refund:

If your credit card submitted is found to be fraudulent
you will be denied a refund and banned from ordering.

If you fail to submit payment information via the cart form and don't supply it after we follow up with you, you could be denied a refund or issued a partial refund. In any event, you have 24 hours prior to launches to request a refund. (Normally 10am EST)

If your submitted payment information is incorrect or missing something, we will attempt to contact you to correct. If you do not reply or refuse to submit, you may only receive a partial refund.

Keep in mind we accept Paypal for auto checkout, however, it cannot be used for adidas.com and will limit the odds of success. If you change your password before release day and do not inform us within 24 hours of release (EST), you may only receive a partial refund.

You are responsible for making sure you have proper funds allocated for checkout. If your purchase is denied or cancelled due to insufficient funds or incorrect information, you will not be refunded. We will instead provide you with a code for a free reservation of your choice for another release.

We are able to see which orders are completed successfully and those that are not completed. If you attempt to falsely claim your that order was not completed you will be denied a refund and will face a possible ban from future orders.